During the manufacturing process the rope receives a proper lubrication which provides protection against corrosion and internal and external friction for a certain period of time.

During the working life the initial lubrication may expire, therefore the ropes have to be re-lubricated, particularly along the zones subjected to bending, using a lubricant in accordance with the recommendations of the rope manufacturer.

Service must be carried out regularly depending on the lifting device, application and type of rope. If relubrication is not performed properly and regularly, a severe reduction of rope service life has to be expected.

The application of lubrication with brushes, rags, gloves, or by other means is costly, risky, and ineffective, since it forms a film on the surface which water vapour can penetrate, generating condensation and rust starting from the inside.

In this case, the wire rope can appear externally in good conditions, while corrosion and friction are destroying it from the inside.

If only a little lubricant is required, pressure spray nozzles can be used, even if the optimal lubrication process is the use of a high pressure system at 20 bar minimum (285PSI), which guarantees the lubricant penetration between the strands also inside the rope.

It can also be used as a wire rope cleaner before the application of lubricant in cases where ropes operate in extremely abrasive conditions or are subjected to chemicals.

This system can use a wide range of lubricants (except Bitumastic ones) but higher viscosity products are recommended. Oil or liquid lubricants will disappear very fast from the rope.

Before choosing the re-lubricant, it must be ensured that it is in accordance with the lubricant applied during manufacturing (Nyrosten T55 based lubricant), so please contact Redaelli Customer Service in case a different lubricant is normally used.