Clamps design is performed according to EN 1993-1-11.

FEDII is the component of external design load parallel to the cable;
FED per is the component of the external design load perpendicular to the cable;
Fr is the radial clamping force considered that may be reduced by items in 0(3);
µ is the coefficient of friction;
γM,fr is the partial factor for friction.

Various kind of clamps can be designed by Redaelli technicians in order to guarantee the maximum performance of the entire system.
Every clamp is characterized by a different value of friction coefficient. Thanks to Redaelli long record of tests, the appropriate value of friction can be used for the specific clamp.
It is also possible to study the correct cable behavior with clamp in the short time and long time (creep), the correct design of the saddles, the behavior of bolts with their correct tightening procedure.